Getting rid of shame one orgasm at the time

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Raise your hand if, at one point or another in your life, you were ashamed of the way your body looks, your sexuality and sexual preferences, or the sex itself?

I can see a forest of hands rising, even though it’s just me and my computer screen right now.

I’m raising my own hand.

Shame seems to be the main companion to everything surrounding sex and sexuality. …

Because sometimes your imagination does a better job than a video

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I can still remember those hot summer evenings at my grandparent’s summer house, where I used to spend my school breaks reading cheap smutty romances.

You know, those cheap romances, where a heroine would be a secretary to a hot alpha-male, the heir to the Elliot family empire? Or where a girl would meet a rich, handsome sheik who would literally pleasure her in his limousine with his fingers, and she would come without even taking her pants off?

Ah, sweet, sweet nostalgia.

But really, I grew up reading those erotic novels, in secret and in shame, only sharing it…

Knife play is all fun and games until someone ends up in the hospital…

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I was sixteen years old when I had my very first full-on make-out session with a boy.

It wasn’t my first kiss — but only at the age of 16, I finally got a taste of what a proper make-out session was, and I understood why people are so obsessed with kissing.

It was also when I found out that a certain amount of pain and a touch of roughness turns me on. So do giving and receiving hickeys.

A few months back, I was writing a massive amount of articles for one of my sex clients about BDSM. Those…

But after reading this, you’ll definitely want to — I had the most intense orgasm of my life

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So, the other week I was writing an article for a client about slow sex. While researching the topic, I got very enthralled with the idea of trying slow sex myself.

But you see, there is a problem — I’m not in a relationship and don’t have a man on hand for that sort of experimentation.

And because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, I can’t really go and fetch myself a partner from around the corner for a one night of romance, you know?

So, I added slow sex on the list of things to try once…

There is no time better for exploration than when you’re alone

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Since I was a child first discovering the world of sex, I remember always wanting to be good at it.

I don’t know how or why, but the need to be good at sex was installed in me from a very young age. I was excited to be old enough to finally have sex — I couldn’t wait, actually.

It might be weird for some people, but my fascination with sex had started very early. But that’s the thing — it was always a fascination with sex, rather than pleasure.

While I knew people had sex because it felt good…

It’s not only in the price and the quality of their work

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Society misunderstands what it actually means to be a writer. Everyone’s in need of their services but is only happy to pay the bare minimum. Because god forbid, you’re gonna ask for more money for such a silly skill as writing… Everyone knows how to do it after all, so why do you need to get paid well for something that anyone can do?

If you go on the ProBlogger job board, which is the most recommended resource for finding freelance writing jobs, you’re going to find plenty of job ads that pay cents:

Maybe it’s not about choosing the love we deserve, but a person we can more easily relate to.

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Warning: this article contains some spoilers from the new Netflix show Ginny & Georgia

I’m a feminist, and I absolutely despise the narrative of women choosing assholes for boyfriends and suffering the abuse for the sake of love.

I’ve grown up watching my mom be in a relationship where a man didn’t respect her, and later I even watched my auntie, who was my idol of a strong, beautiful independent woman, be destroyed by a man when she got cancer and “it was too much for him to handle.”

There is nothing more upsetting in my eyes than a woman…

She didn’t have a relationship with her daughter, and she didn’t want Mom to have a relationship with me

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As a child and later as a teenager, I adored my grandmother more than anyone in the world.

She was a strong woman I always wanted to be when I grow up. She was graceful, beautiful, and managed to build a life for herself, and if it wasn’t for her, our whole family wouldn’t have food on the table and a roof over our heads.

I wanted a life as grand as hers, and I wanted to build it for myself, just like she did. …

What, did you think casual sex is just for conventionally attractive people?

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Have you noticed that the majority of women who talk about casual sex on the internet are slim and conventionally attractive?

Somehow, all the fat girls are set aside as the shy, sensible women who stay virgins until the right guy comes along and they romance him hard enough with their personalities into a relationship.

I find it hilarious.

Being fat doesn’t mean you’re not horny and don’t want to have casual sex without love and relationships.

I’m 25, and I’ve never been in a relationship. And I’ve never been skinny either. …

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